Who we are

A lot of business owners have trouble finding the right people for the job. At Atlas we try our utmost best to support you in this.

Why Atlas is the best choice

Atlas! Young, down to earth, undertaking and always available. That's why you pick us!

  1. A business owners' language
    Atlas employment agency is familiar with the wishes of an organization and knows how though it is to find the right people.
  1. New, with experience
    In the recruitment and selection of our employees we work with people that speak our employees' languages. This enables us to be critical in the selection of new employees, so you can be sure you'll receive an employee on which you can build!

  2. Everything from A to Z
    Temporary employees often bring a lot of extra work with them. Think of working with contracts, meetings, housing, transport en payment. With Atlas you don't have to worry about any of this. We take care of everything. From A to Z!
Questions? You can ask them instantly. We are always reachable by phone or e-mail.
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